Theory of Constraints

Eli Goldratt’s TOC is a well-known concept and extremely effective tool in the Order system. Our Productivity Platform tool is typically deployed by experts so it resides in the Complicated domain of the Cynefin Framework.

We’ve chosen “Platform” to differentiate what we’re offering from:
• A methodology, which suggests a series of rigid, sequential, non-negotiable steps.
• A program, which indicates a methodology wrapped up in some form of time-bound structure.
• An intervention, which implies dependence on outside expertise, particularly if the aim of the interventionists is to prolong your dependence on their expertise.
The Productivity Platform provides Stability, the highly desired property of a robust Order system. 

From 15 years of experience gained on over 90 projects worldwide, 2 key pragmatic learnings are embedded:

  1. Challenge misguided restrictions imposed by a head office centralized desire to optimize end-to-end cost and efficiency using only ERP and budget control systems. A TOC analysis will identify the production chain of a complicated system requires slack and buffers to handle day-to-day normal deviations. Adjustment to the ERP business rules will yield the financial results desired by Top management.
  2. Disrupt the notion TOC consultants are the experts who make the definitive diagnoses and offer the definitive solutions. In the Ecology Age, humans are appreciated as diverse, autonomous thinkers. They know what’s going on in a coherent production unit because they work at the mining site day in day out.