Complex Adaptive Leadership

An organization would be remiss to invest in building Agility skills at the operational level and neglect the needs of directors, executives, and managers. Agility leaders must be developed who can detect weak signals in the external environment, adapt to rapidly changing contexts, and thrive in uncertainty while adhering to their moral and ethical values. Leaders need to be resilient in terms of being emotionally intelligent and capable of making sense of emergent situations and knowing how to act. 

Self-awareness is raised for leaders who by habit follow Classic Management theory practices. They learn from collected stories if system constraints they have approved are actually helping or inadvertently hindering the workforce.  By examining the system and not the individual, “eco” learning rather than “ego” blaming is ensured.

In the Age of Ecology, rude awakenings and expressions of shock are welcomed as positive signs that a personal paradigm shift is taking place.