We invite you to join to us in this Mining Differently journey. We believe more diverse perspectives and opinions will enhance the attractiveness and quality.

You can start by making a one-time blog posting. If you find it a worthwhile and enjoyable way to express your views, then apply to be a regular contributor. We’ll add your profile to the list.

Blog contributors may:

  • Write/edit their own posts
  • Delete their own unpublished posts

But, contributors can’t publish any post, they can just send the post to administrator of the blog as a pending post so that the admin can publish it by reviewing it once.

The eventual goal is to upgrade regular contributors to authors.
Blog authors may do everything contributors can, and:

  • Edit their own published posts
  • Delete their own published posts
  • Upload media files
  • Publish their own posts

To initially develop a familiar “look & feel” blog that readers can zone into, we suggest crafting your posting in the following format:

1. State the article, quote or story that piques your interest.
2. Identify the paradigms.
3. Point out the myths and fallacies or where it supports our
Stability+Agility strategy to strengthen robustness and
build resilience.
4. If you are exposing practices, processes, methods founded on myths and fallacies, describe what you would do differently.

With this structure we hope it will facilitate reader comments that reinforce your thoughts or perhaps offer a different narrative.

We realize not all blogs will fit this format. So don’t feel constricted. Write away as you feel!

To get on board, please click here to contact us.